Gold works in various raku, porcelain and stoneware clays, producing ceramic installations that fuse gestural organic themes. Gold’s construction process is informed by her training as a furniture maker and art therapist.

As an art therapist Gold’s work has been influenced by the intersectionality between the arts and health and the mark of the maker being embodied into clay as a cathartic way to self-regulate.  

Gold is interested in the ways that personal narratives are led by the hand and can be a useful resource to communicate our world.


The forms are birthed from an intensely emotional desire to create a composition that communicates non verbally through a tactile experience which then imparts a heuristic way of seeing and processing the lived experience.


Gold's practice is based on an intuitive process of finding rhythm and repetition through a layering act of embedding various pressures into the clay.  

Image: River bed, 2019 Black stoneware