Material Girls, 2020

Review by John Neylon

Catalogue essay by Joanna Kitto

ArtCollector-Curator Home edition- Joanna KittoReview 2020

A Common Thread, 2020

Rosalind Moran Review

The Canberra Times, Cousins Review

Garland Magazine #19, Fleeting moments

Exhibition online tour- COVID19 

Catalogue essay by  Julie Bartholomew

CraftACT online catalogue- COVID19

Material Connection, 2019
Catalogue essay by Steph Cibich

Helpmann Academy, 2019
Review by Jane Llewellyn
Interview, Verse Magazine with Oliver White


Essential Forms, 2019

Sam Gold, Anna Gore, Emmaline Zanelli: Essential Forms, Art Collector
Curatorial Essay, Harriet McKay, GAGPROJECTS

Wagstaff, C. The Underscovered Issue: Sam Gold, ‘The Undiscovered Issue’, Art Collector Issue 88
Meet Your Maker, review by Julianne Pierce, 2019​

Douglas fir Feastings and Oregon Offerings, 2020

Photography by Sam Roberts

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