Sam Gold is an emerging South Australian artist that is currently practicing out of the JamFactory in a tenant studio whilst participating in the ceramic associate program at the JamFactory. Gold works ceramics, sculpture and installation. Conceptually exploring the body’s faculty for Poiesis in order to document movement and memory. Utilising clay as a chosen medium for its mimetic qualities. This process oriented work is held together by the indexical trace of gesture. 


Gold creates installations from ceramic floor based and wall mounted pieces, these works are often one body of work, from small to large scales. The works are made with the intention of marking the clay from the body. The body a tool, the clay a a site to document. The intention in Gold's  work is to speak to the ‘storiness’ of our lived materiality and view objects as artefacts that are imbued with intimate acts of meaning.  

Head Shot, Courtesy of Guildhouse, photographer Sia Duff 2021