Sam Gold is currently a ceramic associate at the JamFactory who works primarily as a ceramic sculptor. Gold produces ceramic installations that were initially informed by her training as an Art Therapist and Furniture maker.


Gold explores the body’s faculty for Poiesis in order to achieve meaning and its capacity to reconcile with material to achieve catharsis. This processed oriented work is held together by the indexical trace of gesture; the repetitious mark-making which is embedded within the clay. Gold's body is a tool, the clay becomes a site to document time and experiential narratives of what we birth, rise and resolve within.

Gold speaks of the ‘storiness’ of our lived materiality - The artefacts we imbue with meaning, with loves and losses, with hopes and desperations. The conferring of emotion, tales of times lived into the material, is an essentially human and revealing act. 

Stillness, Votive scarva vessels, blackstoneware, 2020 

photography by Sam Roberts